Jewelry design services

We offer complete product design services, including design, 3d printing, casting, stones setting and product finish.


  • We based design on your ideas, sketches, photos.
  • Computer drawing is done in Rhino software.
  • We are strict to organize our work by layers and can conform to your specifications.
  • We offer basic rendering for every phase of the design.


From design onward we offer a full manufacturing of your items if desired.

The main purpose of this service is for you to get a better feel for the design. From evaluating 3D printed resin models, to fully finished gold or silver casts.

We do not offer massive production services.

3D printing

  • We offer 3D printing on B9Creator printer, 30 micron details, fully castable resin.
  • Printing can be used to evaluate design or for manufacturing purposes.


  • If desired, we can cast your items in gold (14/18 kt, white, yellow, rose) and 925 silver.
  • We use Indutherm closed system equipment.

Stones setting

  • We can set stones of mostly any size and shape.
  • All small stone settings in done under a microscope for precision.
  • Main purpose here is design evaluation so we prefer setting inexpensive synthetic stones, mainly white or colored cubic zirconia.

Product finish

  • Cleaning and finishing casted items.
  • From glassy polished to matted finishes.

All our items are designed this way

Mostly all the items on these pages are our own design created by the same process and equipment as described above.


We do not offer our own designs for sale, but we can create similar items. We cannot create copies of other companies' items. We also do not do organic design which is mainly produced by so called clay modeling software such as ZBruzh for example.

For all inquiries please contact us at

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