Minimalist wedding rings

Minimalist, elegant and modern design. Classic wedding ring design with a modern touch. A common choice for those looking for something practical and timeless.

Typically these rings fit nicely with engagement rings and can be worn together.

Modern and massive wedding bands

Modern wedding rings. Combinations of two band rings, pattern rings and rings with differently finished edges. For those who simply want modern and eye-catching wedding bands.

Man’s ring is the same as a woman’s but without stones.

Wedding rings, modern, offsetted and endless patterns

Wedding rings with endless series of diamonds around the ring, very feminine, very timeless. Asymmetrical designs, offset edges, double rings…

A bit unusual shapes. For those with a special taste, who want a slightly more unique rings.

Wedding rings with patterns from nature

Wedding rings inspired by patterns from nature. Forest, leaves, flowers, grass, bamboo, mobius, sea. From very rich to very minimalist design without stones.

Something very special. For those who know they want just such a ring.

Wedding rings, something very special

Definitely something different. Ring with red gold wire, all three gold colours in one ring, randomly offset surfaces with diamonds. Unusual combination of white band, diamonds and gold beads. Arranged chaos.

For those who are looking for something very unique.

Rectangular wedding rings

Rectangular wedding rings of different shapes and stone designs. Soft edges, asymmetrically cut edges, wavy diamond lines. From elegant to very massive.

Very unique shapes of wedding rings. For those who know they want just such a ring.

Wedding rings to fit your engagement ring

A wedding ring that fits perfectly with your engagement ring. Mostly minimalist design. Elegant, simple, modern, with or without stones.

If you want to wear your wedding and engagement ring together. A common choice for larger engagement rings to which the wedding ring needs to be specially tailored.

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