Decorative gold chalice and fine tuner for violin

Decorative chalice

Decorative gold chalice custom made for the tailpiece of this Guarneri violin. Combination of 18kt yellow gold and 14kt white and rose gold. With small ruby stones. Handmade and engraved.

Fine tuner

18kt fine tuner with VS/H diamonds. Any fine tuner can be used as a base. We remove the top part of the knob and attach custom made gold part. All other parts of the tuner stay the same.

Custom made

All items can be custom made to specification and configuration. This includes material from gold and platinum to precious and semiprecious stones.


Our physical store is closed but our workshop is running as usual. Most of our items are available in 1 to 2 weeks even if shown as sold out at the moment.

For all information on shipping, item availability, custom requests and anything else please write to us at

Be careful and stay healthy!

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Guarantee and support

This item is made by Zlatarstva Koman. It's made to last you a long time, with no hollow parts. We also offer you full range of services from repair and polishing to making a duplicate item if required.

Free packaging included

Every item comes in a beautiful jewelry box.

Included is a matching carrier bag which you can use as packaging if the item is meant as a gift for someone else.

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